ALVIC (Servicomput, S.A.U.) aims to offer our customers the highest quality in the products, facilities and services provided and in the after-sales service. Thus ensuring a cordial, constant and solid relationship between both parties. For this reason, our company establishes, declares and assumes the following principles:

  1. The quality of our products, facilities and services is governed by our internal controls to prevent defects and detect possible errors, in addition to seeking constant technical progress so that our customers have up-to-date, safe, stable solutions with the functional features appropriate to the current time and laws.
  2. The quality of our after-sales service is governed by the speed of attention to the requests of our clients and the efficiency in solving possible problems in our systems. In this sense, we try to improve the quality of the service day by day, with more effective technicians and a higher level of training. With the aim of providing the best facilities, we are offering customers different types of maintenance contracts, expanding the network of technical services and offering new after-sales service functions through the new Alvic website.
  3. As a point of support for our clients, and to improve our service to them, an e-learning platform is opened in constant evolution with new courses both for existing applications on the current market and for new products. Supporting our clients at all times in their training.
  4. Our company permanently invests in Research and Development of new products, improvement and expansion of current ones, with the aim of having systems and solutions that meet the needs of our customers.
  5. We will also base our quality policy on the constant improvement of all established processes through the implementation of the most advanced technological tools, with the intention of achieving greater efficiency in all our functions. Introducing the risk management system to prevent these risks and carry out continuous improvement of the organization.
  6. Motivation and professional education for all the company's employees so that the objectives of the management in reference to the quality policy become, through individual conviction, their own and each person takes responsibility for their actions.
  7. Our commitment to stay current with all current laws; Occupational Risk Prevention, Data Protection, etc.
  8. We have proposed a continuous improvement in the management of tasks and non-conformities, advancing day by day by making extensions and improvements to our management software.
  9. In our desire to improve our after-sales service, we have defined our policy of approved technical services, ensuring that no unassisted area is left. In the same sense, we establish a training plan for the technical services that require it.
  10. Compliance with the applicable legislation and regulations on environmental matters, as well as the legal regulations required in the Spanish and European Regulations (CE) and comply with the requirements of other interested parties relevant to the company.
    The purpose of these commitments is to achieve the maximum satisfaction of our clients and other relevant interested parties affected by our activity and we are sure that this objective will give us maximum solidity as a company.