Alvic Flash Ultra

Flash Ultra™

  • Ultra-fast de 90 a 180 kW-DC: ultra-fast charging terminal and high DC power from 90 to 180 kW, ideal for electric charging stations in companies, electric stations or transport fleets.
  • Connection with Alvic: communication with Alvic's Front Office and Back Office systems. This makes it possible to manage the business through the Alvic Octan Office and sell electricity through Alvic's OPT terminals.
  • Simultaneous charging: allows charging two vehicles at the same time. It divides the power into 30 kW modules. If there is only one vehicle charging in DC, all the power of the terminal goes to it.
Available in — All countries

User authentication

Includes 7" LCD screen and RFID user authentication.



Entry and exit protections, as well as an emergency stop button for the user.


Hose management

Additional module with a hose management system (1,282 mm long). 4-meter hose length.



  • CE — Conformité Européenne 


  • IEC 61851-1 — International Electrotechnical Commission
  • IEC 61851-23 — International Electrotechnical Commission
  • IEC 61851-21-2 — International Electrotechnical Commission


Alvic Flash Ultra

Technical characteristics

  • Characteristics
  • Functionalities
  • Components
  • Black
  • DC ultra-fast charging from 90 to 180 kW
  • 7" TFT-LCD screen


  • Customizable
  • Maximum output power: 90 to 180 kW (DC) / 22 kW (AC)
  • RFID user authentication, supports ISO 14443A/B, ISO 15693, FeliCa Lite-S (RCS966) OCPP 1.6 JSON


  • High power
  • Simultaneous charging of two electric vehicles
  • Operation button and emergency stop


  • Hose management system. 4-meter hose length
  • External communication: Ethernet, Wi-Fi and 4G


  • Internal communication: CAN bus/RS485


  • IP55 protection

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